I’ve been venturing into the deep by trying new fish.  Whenever I think of eating fish I always reminisce of going fishing with my grandma, aunt and cousins.  Those were the good ole days.  We’d wake up before day, drive hours away and stay all day. My grandma and aunt would fish while my cousins and I would explore the land.  We were also allowed to fish if we wanted too.  When we would get home I’d remember my grandma, cracking the fish upside the head and gutting it open.  That was what you called good eating. Funny thing is, many of the fish I hear of today, I never heard of as a child.  I remember catfish, red snapper, perch, buffalo and that’s about it. I’m just hearing of tilapia within the last few years.  We ate salmon, but that was salmon croquettes.  Never do I remember a fillet salmon. Growing up on fish I’ve always loved eating it and cooking it.  So, as of late, I’ve been on a fishscapade, on a mission to try different fish. This weekend I picked up some Halibut from Costco. image[1] Pricey!  One of these ran $15.00 and up. Some packs were $30 bucks!  Feeding a family of 5, I needed to make sure they were large enough to cut in pieces. image[2] That’s what I did. I cut one into 3 pieces and the other into 2. image[3] Since this was my first time I kept it simple by seasoning it with lemon pepper, old bay seasoning and Himalayan salt. Oiled my skillet with some extra virgin olive oil and seared them. image[4] Awesome!!! Awesome fish!  The taste puts me in the mind of Tilapia with the thickness and texture of salmon.  image[5] What I did notice was that the pieces of Halibut that were thicker and slightly larger were the most expensive.  Since the texture of the fish is thick, it’s not necessary to get such thick pieces.  The sizes I picked up were perfect. I’m happy to add Halibut to our menu.  Have you taste Halibut?  



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