Back to School: Lunch Station

Lately, I’ve been on Pinterest getting school lunch ideas and came across some lunch prep stations. I wanted to share some of my pins, but it seems like Pinterest has made some changes and it’s not allowing me to do so. :-/

So, while preparing for back to school I decided to update the area where I keep supplies needed for lunch.  My previous location was in a drawer in the kitchen. Up over the drawer in a cabinet I kept lunch bags and plastic containers.  I’m keeping the lunch bags and those containers in the same location, but I moved all items in the drawer.  I relocated them to my buffet cabinet in the dining room.  It’s right next to the kitchen and I’m able to store a few other items in there too.

I designated 3 drawers for this.  In the bottom drawer I have carry out containers for the kids, as well as small containers for my husband’s salad dressings and other condiments.


The drawer above it, I have cold packs, hand wipes, straws, sandwich cutters and silcone molds.


And in the very first drawer I put plastic spoons, forks, knives, napkins, sandwich and snack bags. 


On top of the buffet I placed a picnic basket that I’ll put snacks in for lunches and after school. This basket is also subject to being moved because it is in my dining room and I love to decorate seasonally.

Not only is this convenient for me, but if anyone else has to make their lunch, everything is easily accessible. 

Another reason I like separating the lunch prep area from my other zip lock and freezer bags, we’re not using bags for the wrong reasons. I also know when things are getting low and to restock.

Have you been making any new adjustments for the school year or updates to an existing plan?


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  1. I wish I had more “storage” space in my kitchen so I could keep lunch prep stuff separate…it would sure make my mornings a bit easier.

  2. No, I never have to make a lunch again but I am in total envy of your organizing. I have one drawer with scattered plastic cutlery and a crumpled paper bag ; )

  3. Talk about organization, girl… you’ve got it going on!

  4. You are so organized. Great tips!

  5. That makes total sense about keeping it separate so you can keep track of quantities better!

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