The Cooking Channel: First lunches of the school year

We’re on our regular schedule and I’m back at making lunches for the kids.  They have an option of eating lunch at school or taking one.  I prefer making their lunches and especially with this being my daughter’s first year.  She’s sort of picky and until we get the lunch schedule, we’re going  play it safe.

Since yesterday was a half day I didn’t have to make their lunch, but I did have to make my husband’s.


Four turkey sandwiches with turkey bacon on pretzel rolls.  Today I sent him with leftovers we had from yesterday’s dinner. 


Tilapia, tri-color pasta w/ Alfredo Sauce


Yep, packed’em up!  No need to let it go to waste.

For the kids….


Both had turkey sandwiches, but my daughter’s was on gluten free bread and my son’s on miniature italian bread.  I let them both pick their on sides and added Capri Sun drinks.


My daughter is so excited about going to the cafeteria for the first time today. I’m excited for her too and can’t wait to see if she ate all of her lunch. 🙂

Does your husband and children take lunches from home or buy out?


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  1. nice looking lunches, mama! we carry lunch to work/school. An “inexpensive” lunch here is like $10-$15!

  2. For about the last 20 years of his work career, hubby took his lunch. The kids always had the option of buying, or taking. I do like the idea of lunch accounts, that my grandchildren have. Not having to take money everyday helps a lot.

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