Transitioning to the M by Staple arc Planner

Yes, the planner junkie is at it again, but this transition won’t take place until 2014.  I’ve been researching planners and came across the arc on YouTube.


The system is customizable, which most systems are, if a binder is involved.  However, one of the differences with the arc system, it uses discs instead of binder rings.  This gives you the opportunity to change out the rings to larger sizes when you need more space in your binder.

I’m also going back to the letter size paper.  I need room to write, jot down ideas and keep up with my day to day.activities.  So, the letter size is best for me.  I know many don’t like the larger planner, but since I keep mines at home, dragging it along isn’t a problem for me.

This weekend I went to pick up some items to get 2014 rolling.  What did I get?

1.)Purple Leather Notebook 11 x 8.5 which included small discs and 60 sheets of notebook paper

2.)Ruler letter size

3.)1 1/2 inch expansion discs 200 sheet capacity (That will do for now. If I’m not mistaking they also carry a 2 and 3 inch)

4.)Graph paper- these were on clearance so I snatched them up.

5.)Poly tab dividers

6.)Poly pocket dividers

7.)Project planner refill paper

What am I missing?

I’m still missing the 2014 calender inserts. They were all out and hopefully they will have them in next week.  I’m so excited to get started on my goals for 2014 and planning out my schedule.  Oh, I can’t forget that I’m also excited about adding my special touches to my planner.  

Will you be using the same planner system in 2014 or will you make changes? 


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  1. And 2014 will be here before we know it! *sigh

  2. I Love Planners! But I usually forget to use them. Also calendar-less. I always buy the giant desk top school year calendar that goes from August to August and I haven’t gotten around to a new one because we have no school!

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