5 Questions to ask your Kindergartener while at Open House

Yesterday was Open House at my daughter’s Elementary School.  I’ve never seen a child so excited to go to Open House.  Of course she had no idea what to expect or what was going to take place. 

After we met with her teachers and she gave me a tour of her school, she still wasn’t ready to go.

We stopped by the library and she took a picture with Super Reader.  She came home with her first library book from school yesterday.  So, she wanted to make sure I saw the library.


A moment I thought was priceless was meeting her Mandarin Chinese teacher.  My daughter greeted her with, “Ni-Hao.” I think that’s what she said. LOL

Here’s a few things to ask your Kindergartener while at Open House or visiting the school.  I really think it’ll give you a great sense of how they’re adjusting.

1. Take me to your room.  Of course by now they know exactly where there room is, but this gives them a boost of confidence.

2. Ask them to introduce you to their teacher.  Again, you’ve more than likely met their teacher. However, allowing our children to learn communication skills early gives them a head start in life.

3. Where’s their seat?  When I asked my daughter to show me her desk, the pride in her eyes said it all.

4. What do you like to do in here (their classroom)?  My daughter shared with me that she enjoyed playing with some interlocking blocks. Similar to legos, but different.  Whatever that item or activity is, you may want to get them one for home.  If not, it just gives you a peak into what other things your child may be interested in. 


5. Show me around your school.  This was really important for me to see how my daughter adapts to a different environment.  How quickly does she catch on and how I may be able to let or help her navigate when we’re together.

She had an absolute blast at Open House and the chile automatically assumed it would be a routine.  Before she went to bed she asked were we going to Open House tomorrow. No, Dear. No, Dear.

What other questions have you or do you think would be good to ask your child when visiting their school?


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  1. We had open house yesterday…it was utter chaos with the whole school there, but it was fun to have my son show us around, and he was so proud!

  2. Mandarin, as in they are teaching them Mandarin, or just that the teacher happens to be Mandarin-Chinese?

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