Ways To Use A Vegetable Container & More Salon Organization

The year is flying by or has flown by and we’re in the month of October and this month I began organizing my salon.  A few years ago I was working in a salon and decided to leave to go work at a company that makes hair care products again.  Since I wasn’t going to be in the salon during the week, my husband created a space for me at home.  This enabled me to keep much of the clientele I built.

Let’s just say I’ve changed the salon around like I change things around in my house. When I began couponing I used a wall to store stockpile.  Anywho… I got sick of the disorganization.  I removed all of the shelving on the wall and condensed it into one small closet.  Which means I have to keep my stockpiling to a minimum.   The closet looks great and my salon is looking good once again.

I’ll be sharing some of the organization that I’m setting up and I’m sure it can be applied to your life in some form shape or fashion.  One of the things I’m excited about which you may think I’m crazy to be excited about a little thing like this.  However,  whenever I find another way to use an item I get excited.

In the pic below you’ll see a vegetable container that I picked up from the Dollar Tree.  I went looking for a container to place my tomato pin cushion in.  I’ve been using the pin cushion for years to place my needles in for Sew-Ins.  My excitement comes because the tomato fits in the vegetable container perfectly.  Get it vegetable container?  LOL I can keep the needles in the cushion or lay them in the container.  Fits perfectly in my drawer and I don’t have to worry about sticking my fingers when reaching in the drawer.


Okay. So you’re saying what can I do with this vegetable container?

1. You can use it for what it was actually intended for.  To store fresh tomatoes,  onions, bell pepper etc… after cutting them and needing to place them in the fridge.

2. Sewing- place your tomato pin cushion with or without needles in it.

3. Crafting- to store small embellishment and other small items.

What would you use the vegetable container for? Before I let you go here’s a look at the inside of my station drawers and trolley cart after organizing them. They’ve all been lined with liner and organized.

I have 3 drawers to my styling station


Styling Station Organization

Top drawer has my clips and an ink pen.


Salon Organization Shears

Middle drawer holds my shears, diffuser parts and a curling iron.

Bottom drawer holds hair pins, bobby pins thread and my prized vegetable container.

The bottom drawer holds hair pins, bobby pins, thread and my prized vegetable container with my needles.

My Trolley Cart
Trolley Cart

On top of my cart I keep my client record book.  This is where I log client’s information,  services, color formulas etc.

Top drawer of trolley has some of my brushes.

Top drawer of trolley has some of my brushes.

More brushes & bone combs in second drawer

Next drawer has more brushes, combs and bone combs.

Clips are stored in separate containers based on clip type.

In this drawer clips are stored in separate containers based on clip type.

Combs and clipper guards.

Combs and clipper guards.

bottom trolley cart

Comb, curler cases and styling tool belt.

That’s all for now.  Next week I’ll share some more projects I’ve done.


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  1. I just like to have a tad of the organization you have!

  2. Now I want to get organized! I can think of a hundreds use for that vegetable container

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