Celebrating Jala’s Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Jala’s 6th birthday.  Having a little one in the house really keeps the innocence alive around here.  I was so excited while I went to pick up some of the things she.requested for her special day.


She’s really into My Little Pony and with the release of the new Equestria Girls, she’s been screaming, “MA, I want that!” every time she sees the commercial.  I asked her which of the girls were her favorite and she said….Rarity.

So yesterday after dropping her off at school  I was on a mission.


Got a little sidetracked with checking out Christmas items.


I’m Loving the Kenya Collection and first time seeing these at our local Wal-Mart.


Little girls love the Monster High dolls and Jala likes them too, but I have a huge problem with having caskets in my house. LOL


Here’s what I bought for her birthday.


Picked up a 2 pack set – Twilight Sparkle, her rival and the DVD. The DVD had a $5 off coupon if purchased with any of the dolls. She’s watched it 3 times yesterday after completing her homework. This weekend will definitely be a repeat marathon of the DVD.


Lastly, with the exception of her cake and icecream, I picked up a scrapbook box to store her dolls in from Michaels.  I’m going to pick up another for her Groovy Girl dolls. 


The box is perfect and will fit the rest of the dolls that are in the collection as we add on.  It’s easy for her to pick up and go, carry from room to room and stay organized. 

Jala’ s a happy camper and says it was the best day ever.  It was great seeing her face smile and knowing today was her special day.


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  1. Looks like she had a fun birthday! I guess it comes with the territory of having boys but I’ve never even heard of those toys, let alone see any of them…:).

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Jala! I agree on the creepy dolls. Good choice. She’s a precious doll herself : )

  3. Happy Birthday, Jala!

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