Thanksgiving Eve Pics Brought To You By The Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and I hope you’re enjoying time with your family this holiday.

The new camera my husband bought me for an early Christmas gift, I decided to keep it. I’ve been playing around a lot with it in the kitchen and trying to get the hang of it. However, in the meantime…. I enjoy grabbing my phone to take quick, convenient and quality photos. It allows me to upload them to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter quicker. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is excellent for that. The photos are crisp, editable and I don’t miss out on opportune moments.

Opportune Moments
I spent my day cooking because I enjoy relaxing on the holiday if, I’m not hosting. My mom makes her famous potato salad when she comes over and this stuff should be in someone’s store! Delicious! No matter how hard I try…. I can’t get close to her potato salad.

This morning I made Penne & Cheese with Shrimp & a separate batch for my youngest daughter since she’s allergic to shrimp. Along with that I cooked Mustard Greens, Cornish Hens & Cornbread Dressing.



I knew I had sage in the cabinet


But not this much LOL

The dressing turned out fantastic! I cooked a total of 5 Cornish Hens and stuffed 2 at the request of my son.

It’s not Thanksgiving Day yet and this is what happened.


Remind me to never allow them to taste test. My mother said, “you may need to make more dressing. ”

Can’t wait to enjoy the dressing with some cranberry sauce tomorrow. Which cranberry sauce do you prefer?


1. Are you the new school can jellied cranberry sauce?
2. The canned with actual cranberries in it?
3. Or old school, traditional and home made kind of cranberry sauce?

I’m the new school can jellied with not a cranberry to be seen, kinda girl.

He’s Baaaaaaack!
Lastly, you know last year I jumped on the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon.



Since the tradition is new in our home I decided that Roger will return the night before Thanksgiving.


Heeeeerrrrrreeeee’s, ROGER! Jala will be so happy to see him in the morning. Let the elfing foolery begin.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving Eve?



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  1. I have not cooked one dish in the last few days, but I can admire your culinary skills! Why do you have so much sage? LOL! I am an old school cranberry girl.

  2. That dressing looks delicious, I need some lol. I spent mine making pies, candied yams, and prepping everything else for the morning. You did better than me, I ‘thought’ I had sage and didn’t, had to run out last minute.

    Happy Thanksgiving from one Momma to another.

  3. Only making a couple of necessary items to take, but I still made a huge mess in the fridge by spilling the jello from the pretzel salad. Yucky mess.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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