Let’s get those refrigerators cleaned out Booooo! Yes, it’s time to start our week off with a fresh slate and clean fridge.   Hopefully, we’re all tired of leftovers and little as possible went to waste if, any.  I didn’t host the holiday and we had enough leftovers for one day, but there’s always those stragglers left behind. What’s left behind Like that leftover cranberry sauce, juice from those greens (lol) and let’s not forget the container that somebody ate the last of its contents, but they saw fit to return the container to the fridge, anyway.  So, tonight I emptied the fridge to give it a good cleaning.   Tell me why did I find a hot glue stick in the fridge? Those chittlens’ of mine. Getting the job done 1.Empty out fridge 2.Toss out anything outdated 3.Clean containers 4.Wipe off items returning to fridge 5.Clean out fridge 6.Return items back to fridge Sounds easier than it was :-/ image[1] All done! Did you actually think I’d show a before picture of my refrigerator madness? Nope.  Not going ruin your appetite.   Now everything is clean and looks like I need to go grocery shopping. What’s the state of your fridge after this past Thanksgiving? Nicole



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