Oh Christmas Tree, light your midsection for me

I began putting up Christmas decorations over 3 weeks ago and I opted on not putting out our village and other decorations this year.  However, we go through this every year with our pre lit tree, trying to get the entire tree to light up at once is a struggle.  I think next year I’m going to plug up each section as we assemble it and see if that works.  Otherwise, we’ll have to wing it.

husband lighting tree


husband lighting tree 2

tree lites

UGH!!!! See what we have to deal with?  I’m going to take my mind off of this tree drama with  sharing a couple of my favorite things.  I revamped some feather ornaments I made years ago by placing them on these candlesticks and putting these glass candle holders I purchased from Dollar Tree.  When I saw these glass candle holders at Dollar Tree I nearly went nuts.  They were large and the shape was perfect to accent any area.

candles christmas

When we first moved here a neighbor gave us a lot of Christmas decorations.  Many I’ve departed with, but these vintage glass ornaments I’ve held on to and so glad I did.  I place them throughout the house in bowls and such to display them during the holiday.

vintage ornaments

Vintage ornaments 2

All of my ornaments are my favorite and if I’m not a fan of them I don’t put them on my tree, but here’s a couple I’ll spot light.  They’ve all come from Pier 1 or Hobby Lobby (on clearance).

star ornament

ornaments to spot light

Now, time for me to deal with this tree’s mid section.  Do you have your tree up and complete?


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  1. Oh NO!

  2. We just put up our pre-lit tree and had the same problem…my husband had to go through and replace several lightbulbs and tinker with several more before it finally all lit…

    Good luck with yours!

  3. No tree for me, but the lights were ALWAYS an issue, so I know the feeling! Good luck!

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