Verizon Wireless Mom Voices Disclosure[1] Panic Attack Just imagine my face the other day when I’m trying to upload a picture to Instagram and I see this screen. image[2] My first initial reaction was to panic, then I got a hold of myself, turned off the phone and removed the battery. After putting the battery back in and turning on the phone, the problem was resolved. Woop! Woop! Around Me Last week I went to Indiana the next state over, which is literally a hop, skip and a jump from me. Had a little time to waste and needed to know what was around me….. image[3] I installed the around me app and was able to see what was in the nearby area. Found a nice consignment shop and went to see what they had in store. I’ve used this app before on other phones and I usually install it as needed in order to not take up too much space on my phone. Over Indulging When I say over indulging… I mean overdosing. I’ve been overdosing on Pinterest. Searching vintage cookware pins, vintage pyrex, corningware and everything else that my grandmother couldn’t pay me to take of hers a year ago. image[4] image[5] See my little modest vintage cookware collection. If anyone asks what will I do with all of that? I’ll reply, “the same thing you do with more than 1 pair of shoes in your closet!” Guess I told them! Lately everything I see associated with my childhood, my grandmother or mom’s cooking utensils, has so much sentimental value. All the memories flood my mind…and I can’t help reminisce. One thing I did receive from my grandmother a few years was an afghan from her mother and we’re not sure if she made it or if it was given to her. My great grandmother passed in 1979 and that was when my grandmother inherited the afghan. image[6] Now, I have this treasure and it’s possibly older than me or as old as me. Well, I search Pinterest looking for similar patterns hoping to get some history. Nothing yet, but I have seen similar colors. As well as, searching the vintage cookware. I have boards for it. That’s the FUN I’ve been having with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 lately. Actually I think it would be considered more of a therapy for my soul. Do you use your smartphone to research? Nicole



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