Marriage & The Family: Communication like a fake sign language…

That moment you believe that you and your spouse speak two different languages….

This is how my husband hears me no punintended. I ain't lying! #marriageproblems

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It seems to be getting worse lately too. I don’t know if this is what I have to look forward to when we’re old and gray….

Don’t get me wrong most of the things are simple misunderstandings. I’m lying! They’re not simple at all! For instance… I told my husband I didn’t want another pot with a television chef’s name on it. Then, he calls me today asking me did Martha Stewart make pots and would I want one of those.

I repeat… I don’t want any pots with a celebrity chef’s name on it. None! I only want cast iron pots ( NOT Preseasoned), stainless steel without any celebrity attachment, vintage cookware and Le Crueset. That is all! When mama’s happy everyone’s happy! Ya heard me? Probably not :-/

I’ll go on record saying that my husband will go out of his way to make sure I have what I want and need. However, sometimes he will like to give me what he wants me to have. Buuuuutttt honestly, I don’t want that! Bwahahaha

Do you have these misunderstandings in your marriage?



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  1. Nice post lovely blog people will attract to see this, Great message everyone must watch this post.

  2. This is so funny because my husband and I speak two languages most of the time,I hope it gets better

  3. Girl, maybe it has to do with us getting older lol. I say all kinds of things to my husband and he swears I never told him.

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