Happy New Year

I pray all of you are safe and blessed entering into 2014.  I’m so thankful to be alive today.   My first phone call in 2014 was my oldest wishing us a Happy New Year 🙂 

I cooked my last meal in 2013 late yesterday evening.


Rack of lamb, mashed potatoes black eyed peas and gravy.  This is my first time making black eye peas for the New Year.   I’m far from the traditional type, but decided to embrace the tradition and will do from this day forward.   Growing up I hated black eye peas….ugh! So it was a must to put my foot in them or never cook them again.   They were delicious and seasoned perfectly.  

It was my second time making homemade gravy.  I made some the other day and made it yesterday too.  No more packets of fake gravy. Woo Hoo!  I’m a big girl now.

This time I used cornstarch to thicken my gravy instead of flour.


There was a time I couldn’t have this stuff in the house because I craved it when I was pregnant with my last two kids.  Keeping it completely away was better than having it around.  

Overall we had a peaceful night.  I’m not sure why I’m up at 4 in the morning, but hoping it’s not the temptation if this cake hubby bought.


I don’t need to see another one of these until Thanksgiving.   Again praying for you all in 2014 and my phrase for this year is….He’s Able.




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  1. Happy New Year Nicole! Praying you have a great year too!

  2. I made black-eyed peas too. Like you, I am not generally one for tradition, but after cooking everything but soul food most of the year, I had a hankerin’ for em. All the best in the new year!

  3. The food looks sooooooo good! I’m not cooking a New Year meal, there just hasn’t been enough time to go to the grocery store.

    Happy New Year! I sure hope this year is better than last year.

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