No-Sew Doll Tutu Tutorial

A cure for cabin fever? A little crafting will do the trick. With the kids having an extended vacation I needed something to keep Jala busy. My sewing machine has been giving me trouble and I’ve had it in the trunk of my car to donate to the thrift store, but can’t seem to part with it, without giving it another try. Until then…Jala and I did a No- Sew tutu for one of her dolls that she received for Christmas.  We also made her a cute little necklace.


No Sew Doll Tutu Tutorial 2





The doll we made the tutu for is 18 inches so if you would like to do this for a doll smaller or taller you can use the same steps by measuring accordingly.We made two tutus each one we used a different tulle texture so to speak. The tulle on the left is the stiffer kind we’re all familiar with. The one on the right, I’m not sure if it’s considered tulle, but it flows and not stiff.
tutu tutorial pic 1 tulle

First, you can either use your tape measure and measure the dolls waste and give an extra 5 inches so that you may tie the tutu or you can do it like we did. I wrapped the tulle around the dolls waste, estimated a few extra inches and cut. This is the base for your tutu, you will wrap it around the doll’s waste and tie it closed.

tutu tutorial pic2

Next, is measuring the length of the tutu.  Take your tape measure and measure from the waste to below the knee.  Double this length and that’s the length of each strip of tulle you’ll cut.  Our measurements was 5 1/2 and doubling it made it 11 inches in length.

tutu pic 13

Now, ya gotta get cutting!  This is probably the most tedious part of this here task.

tutu tutorial pic 4

We used a total of 48 strips for the stiffer tulle and the not stiff fabric we cut about 38.  After you have cut them all or if you’re tag teaming it like Jala and I did, one will cut as the other puts them on.  Putting them on is simple.

Fold your strip of tulle in half.

tutu tutorial pic 5

With the closed end of the folded piece of tulle going under the base of the tutu belt….


tutu tutorial pic 7

pull the two loose ends through the folded end causing them to interlock.

tutu tutorial pic8

Repeat this process all the way around, pushing the strips close together for a full look.

tutu tutorial pic9

This is what you should have when you’re done.

tutu tutorial pic11

tutu tutorial 12


Isn’t it adorable and she’s the cutest doll I’ve ever seen!  I’m trying my best not to go get my own, but then ya’ll will think I’m crazy 😉  Here is a pic of the other tutu with the other fabric.


It’s adorable too.  Two different looks.  Don’t forget to use some tulle to make some ribbon ties to match her hair.  Tie a strip around each ponytail and cut off any extra.  Ta-da!!! Easy and No-Sew!



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  1. R. Jolly says:

    Hello your Tu-tu looks really cute.Can you please tell me the name of this doll. she is adorable!!!

  2. That is so cute! Is it hard to get the tutus off afterwards?

    I love how simple those look to make and it seems like something girls of all ages could help with in some way.

  3. Nicole, you are a genius! Saving this idea for my Gbaby.

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