Home & Garden: The Goodwill of my open kitchen cabinet find.

Just when I thought watching cooking shows inspired me to cook. It also inspires me to want a chef style kitchen.  You know the open cabinet look with all the beautiful pots and pans displayed.  In order to have this everything will have to look immaculate at all times. 

I took to Pinterest for more inspiration and came up with a few ideas. One of those ideas was finding an open bookshelf.  I also think someone suggested this on my Facebook status that I updated about wanting open cabinets.

So, I took to two of my favorite places. One was Craigslist and the other was thrift stores.  Just when we made arrangements to pick up a bookshelf on Craigslist, I ran into this at my local Goodwill.


I gave it a good stare down and texted a picture to my husband.  He persuaded me to get this one and the Craigslist wasn’t necessary.  I’m so glad I listened because I didn’t have a tape measurer and was unaware of how large it actually was.  That’s one thing about thrifting… Thrift stores are usually big and have extremely high ceilings.  If you don’t have the modern vaulted ceilings in your home peices from the thrift store are like looking in a rearview mirror.  Objects are larger than they appear.

After putting it in place and cleaning it. I began to play around a bit.



And here’s the finished look.


This thrifty find made me as happy as my hutch find. However, this will not get painted, but it will get changed out with plates and accessories seasonally because I’m crazy like that.


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  1. Wow, that really looks nice! You did a great job with that.

  2. Oh Nicole it looks wonderful! You did such a great job decorating it.

  3. AWESOME!!!!

  4. It looks great, Nicole! Wish I had room for a place to put something like that… without open shelves. I’d never be able to keep it looking good and would have to dust it continuously. Dust LOVES my house!

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