Taking my Le Creuset for a test drive on egg shells

Finally had a chance to take this baby for a spin.  Sunday I made game day food and used my Le Creuset stock pot to boil eggs for deviled eggs. 



There are two things that I’ve always either had a hard time cooking or just cared less.  Well, maybe three…rice, pancakes and boiled eggs.  Some days I boil eggs and they peel with ease and there’s the other days… those days no matter how cold the water is after they’ve boiled, those suckers just won’t peel correctly. 

Well, all while boiling these eggs I was wondering… should I be boiling eggs.in this pot?  The water took some time to boil… will I have trouble peeling them like I did the other day?

To my surprise…


These eggs peeled like butta.  After turning the water off I may have waited 5 minutes before running cold water on them.  Not sure if that was the reason they peeled easily after running cold water on them, but I was so excited!  Lame? Maybe, but when you’re in the process of making deviled eggs… and the eggs peel smoothly? I’m good.

If anything changes the next time I boil eggs in this pot I’d be sure to let you know.  However, if I continue to get these results, we’ll leave it at I’m a happy egg boiling mama. 

Before I go let me tease you with our game day food.


My kid’s favorite homemade fishsticks.


My favorite… deviled eggs.


And a few finger poppers. Oh, made my husband’s favorite scalloped potatoes.  Loaded Scalloped Potatoes to be exact and Ice Tea.


Are you hungry now?  Did you make any special dishes for game day?


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  1. @Krista: Really?????? Oh my gosh! Thank you! I’ve always wondered what was the secret to boiling an egg. haha!!! I’ll make sure I do that from now on.

  2. What a beautiful table of food! Makes me hungry!

  3. btw your presentation of the game day food looks wonderful. I wish I could reach into the picture and take one of those eggs and a fish stick! 🙂

  4. wow, you boiled eggs in that wonderful special pot? hahaha You should have saved it for a beautiful leg of lamb or something fancy? lol (I have never made lamb but it sounds awesome)

    I also hate to disappoint but as a egg farm momma.. the peeling level of the boiled egg is based on the freshness of the egg itself. The fresher the egg the more difficult to boil. So always boil OLD eggs. I swear to you it is true. I always buy store bought eggs and leave them in the fridge atleast a week if not 2 before a holiday even though I would typically have fresh farm eggs.. those brown fresh eggs wont peel pretty for nothing!

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