Repurposing old art work into new art work


I’m in the process of giving Jala’s room a makeover. What I try to do before I buy something new is try to repurpose what I have. That way I’m able to spend money on other items that are needed. Like bedding, paint, rugs etc. As well as, some of the items that need replacing may still be in great shape. With the help of some paint, scrapbooking paper and adhesive, something old can be made new again.

This is what I started with.


These four pictures were apart of Jala and James’ room when they were younger. I created a unisex theme for the both of them to share. Since my oldest is gone they both have their own rooms. These pics are still in excellent shape so I decided to paint the trim white and use scrapbooking paper to change the pictures. All of which I had on hand in my craft corner.


This is the scrapbooking pack I used and I selected four prints. Her room will be painted purple so I wanted prints that would be a bit darker to contrast the walls and the white frames would pop out as well.

Here are the four prints I selected from the pack.


Next, I cut the paper to fit inside the frames.


After I was sure of a good fit I removed the scrapbooking paper so that I could paint the frames.

Once they were all painted and dry I replaced the scrapbooking paper using a tape adhesive to adhere them to the old picture. As far as paint goes… I primed them with white Kilz paint I used for another project and painted them with some basic acrylic craft paint.


They turned out fabulous and will give us another 6 years of decor. Do you have an item in your house that can be repurposed into something new?


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  1. What a simple, frugal way to add new life to decor. Can’t wait to see what else you do with her room!

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