What’s your mom therapy?

When I’m under the weather a bowl of soup and NewYork are my comforts. 

When my heart is feeling a little antsy… a trip to Costco relaxes my mind.  Let me clarify… a solo trip to Costco relaxes my mind! No husband! No kids! No pets!  As a matter of fact, any trip to the grocery store must be done alone. 

I don’t like unexpected items placed in my cart. I like to take my own sweet time and go down any aisle of my choice.  That’s the only way I consider it therapy.  Otherwise, it’s a freaking job :-/, but wait! There’s one person I do love going to Costco with… that’s my oldest daughter.  She’s a good girl.  I must have taught her well. I have to ask her if she wants anything and she’ll shrug her shoulders.  Hehehe.  I’m sure having her eyes glued to her cellphone is a contributing factor.  Those other two, they want EVERYTHING! Everything! everything.

Time for a little mom therapy.  What’s your mom therapy?


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  1. My mom therapy is going for a me day. I usually get all my freebie offers and head to the mall. I usually get a piece of Godiva chocolate and something from Bath & Body Works, for free! Makes me feel special ; )

  2. When I’m the only one home…that’s my therapy time :).

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