Vintage 12 Speed Sunbeam MixMaster

I’m not a hoarder I just collect a lot. And my husband is my enabler 😉

Any who say hello to my new friend.  A friend that I’ll more than likely treat like your mama’s white couch back in the day with no plastic on it.  DON’T TOUCH!  Who knows I may take it for a spin…

My husband found this the other day for me at a thrift store.  The handle was loose and it was well used by it’s previous owner.  He took it apart to clean, tighten the handle and oil the inside.  Plugged it in and that baby purrred like a kitten. 


Still doing research on it and so far it looks like it was made after 1957 and is model 11.  The numbers are so little where it gives the model number and yo girl cant see it.  I can’t tell if it’s an actual number or something else. 

I also have a set of milk glass bowls that fit this mixer.  They’re Glassbake bowls made for Sunbeam.  I picked them up awhile ago on one of my thriftscapades.

These Sunbeam mixers come in other colors as well and would go well in any kitchen.  For those of us that get thrills and chills for vintage cookware that is.

Not sure what it is about me loving cookware older than me?  Guess it’s the durability and longevity that they don’t make anymore 😉

Do you remember these mixers?


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  1. Berta D (@1Phenomenal1) says:

    That is a nice one. Nice hubby to do all the tweaking to make it purrr

  2. Wow, what a good find. I would definitely put a NO TOUCH sign on it! 🙂

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