Marriage & The Family: Does your family have life insurance?

I’m sure this may sound like a sponsored post, but it’s not.  Just a life nugget I’ll like to drop.  Oh… and I’m not trying to solicit you to purchase life insurance.

It wasn’t until my husband and I were in our 5th year of marriage that we learned the importance of having life insurance for our family.  My husband and I had become insurance agents and learned a lot from our short lived insurance careers LOL.   Thankfully it wasn’t from a tragic event that we learned this lesson and hopefully we won’t have to use it anytime soon.

No matter if you’re a one or two family income home the fact is, if something happens to you or your spouse your family will take a financial hit.  When a family suffers the loss of the bread winner the surviving spouse will immediately lose that income, not to mention burial cost.  It doesn’t matter if there’s a mortgage or rent… it must be paid.  The same goes for losing a parent that cares for the home and children.  Although that spouse didn’t contribute financially, they helped with saving on daycare and other expenses.

Another key factor is having the adequate amount of life insurance to make sure our loved ones don’t have to worry financially while they grieve.  When we’re raising kids, in the process of buying homes etc.  having a sufficient life insurance policy is wise.  However, as we get older, when our homes are paid off, kids finished college and moved away there’s less of a financial burden.  With the purpose of, as we get older we should have burial expenses saved and we’re not leaving our spouses and children with a huge financial burden.

So, does your family have life insurance?


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  1. @Shelly:
    Yes people act a fool over money and belongings! Will, will, will!

    We’re working on it. Trying to cut expenses so we can afford it. #thestruggle One of our goals is to leave our children with a lasting legacy of love and financial security.

  2. You wised up early! I remember when we were a (much) younger couple, and didn’t give it much consideration. When I’ve tried to discuss similar issues with my own kids, they brush it off and don’t see the importance.

  3. We have had life insurance for over 15 years now. I have seen first hand what happens when a loved one dies and their children are left scrambling around trying to figure out what to do. I push the issue all the time about getting life insurance, especially while you are young and in good health! I was thinking recently that it won’t hurt to add on to mine. Another big and important thing that people need is a will! I won’t get started before I end up writing an entire blog post in this comment! LOL!

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