Who wants to be like the Joneses?

I’m enjoying being part of the Netflix #Streamteam and watching television series I’ve been missing out on.  A couple weeks ago I finished watching The Parenthood and was able to catch up and see the backstory of the current episodes I watch on TV.

I’ve also had a chance to see some movies.  One of my favorites so far was The Joneses.  This movie was relatable in so many ways.  It’s about a family that seems to have it all.  All the new technological gadgets, fine house and cars.

However, what people don’t know is that it’s all for show.  All their wonderful possessions are to promote brands and boost sales.  And….They aren’t really a family.  They’re all placed together to appear as if they are a real family.

People on the outside looking in are so intrigued by what they have and are willing to neglect their financial responsibilities to be like the Joneses.

Oh gosh, I absolutely loved this movie!  It’s rare that you watch a movie and not knowing what it’s about and not able to guess the plot within the first few minutes.  You know the kind of movie that if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all?  Well, The Joneses wasn’t one of those movies. 

One life application principle I took away from this movie, be content with what God has given you.  Something I try to practice daily.  It’s a must see movie.  Have you seen any must see movies lately?


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  1. You can find some great movies on Netflix sometimes. I think I’ll check this one out.

  2. I love Parenthood! Have watched it since the very beginning and love the original movie.

  3. I rarely watch movies because it requires me to sit down and be still for too long. No lie, I have never been a movie person, ever.

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