DIY Potting Bench

This year I have 5 top gardening projects I’d like to complete. And I’m glad to say before I had a chance to share them with you, I have one completed.  Well,  my husband completed one for me.

My new potting bench 🙂


I’ve been eyeing these bad boys on Pinterest and did a horrendous sketch for my husband.  Then he did a interpretation of my awful sketch with his state of the art version. 

We had some leftover wood laying in the yard that we wanted to clear out by using it.  We used the height and width of our kitchen counter and one section of the counter near the stove as a template for size.


Then my husband got to work.  After I fed him of course.


I had to take it up a notch for this project.  In the morning I make him a Sunnyside up egg sandwich, turkey bacon, spinach, cheese on torta bread.  We were out of the torta bread so I sandwiched it with french toast.  Now,  he has a new fave.

Then he went to work.


He did an amazing job and I was toooo excited to have one gardening project knocked off my list.  Hopefully this week I’ll get to wash it down and stain it if the weather permits.

Have you knocked anything of your gardening or summer project list?  If so, what was the project?


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  1. That turned out great…now you know what food motivates your husband ;). So far, about all I’ve accomplished is spreading mulch and planting my little garden, but I’m pleased so far with how it’s turning out.

  2. I love your bench. Once its stained its gonna look great! Cant wait to see it all stained up! And that sandwich… It would be enough incentive for me to work! Lol.

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