Help your child clean his/her room by using zones

I remember when my oldest was younger and she started cleaning her room. I was like a chore warden. 

Now with all the kids I have 🙂 & getting older, I’ve mellowed out.  However,  this can be a good thing or an ugly thang!  In my son’s case, it’s gotten UGLY!

Now, before you start judging and talk about how I treat my kids differently.  This laid back warden attitude began when my oldest was in high school.   So, she was able to show her ugly side too.

Any who… if I really,  really,  really want my son’s room cleaned efficiently,  we have to go line by line.  In my words, zones.  Helping him does not mean I physically help because my job is to oversee the project.

What I have found successful is to break his room into zones.  

Example Zones
4.Floor (including under bed)
And any other necessary locations in your child’s room.  Depending on how bad your child’s room is, these zones may need to be broken into days.  This helps them not to become overwhelmed and also see progress.  

When the task is complete, everyone is happy.  How do you help your child stay on task when cleaning his/her room.


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  1. I agree great guidelines!

  2. that’s a good guideline.

  3. With my boys, they aren’t allowed screen time (tv, computer, etc) until their room is clean. They sometimes go days without screens because they don’t want to clean their room.

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