My new Greenway Indoor/Outdoor Drying Rack

With the weather getting warm outside for the past couple months I’ve been wanting a clothesline outdoors.  Now, this may sound like it’s not a dilemma,  but depending on where you live  a clothesline may not work.  

I’m a firm believer of ‘when in Rome act like a Roman.’ In other words if it’s distracting we probably shouldn’t do it. 

While in Costco a few weeks ago I saw this drying rack.


Very neat, mobile and storable.  This week I bought it and it was $6.00 off.  I’ve tried it out. It’s easy to open up and close. I hung my workout jacket on it and it dried very fast.  When I’m not using it I keep it inside.  I’m also glad that I’m able to use it inside as well.   There’s been so many times my dryer has went out and I have no where to hang our clothes.  Now, I do.

The rack has 3 places to hang clothes. Two of those places we can lay our clothes, A mesh shelf and a place to hang shoes or slippers. 

Last, but not least… it’s not an eyesore. I think it’s perfect for suburban communities and city living.

Do you like to dry some of your clothing items outdoors during the summer? If so, which method do you use?  


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  1. i haven’t hung my clothes outside in ages! I could use something like this inside though.

  2. My mom has the same drying rack and loves it! I have the smaller wooden ones which have worked fairly well for our family. I love that they are portable and fold up fairly small. I also have these Octopus drying hangers from Ikea and I love them!

  3. I bet you do. I didn’t think of power outages.

  4. In the Carribbean, it’s a great cost saver to hang on the clothes line. Our issues start when the electricity goes out or planning during the raining seasons. It takes a moment to become use to the process but you realize there are so many ways to accomplish eco-friendly tasks.

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