This week’s Mama Minute… What’s in my Football Mom Cooler Bag on Practice Days. Taking a cooler bag on practice day is beneficial for many reasons and here’s my top 3 reasons. 1. Saves you money 2. We know what our children are eating. 3. They can replenish right after practice.   I make sure I carry something in the cooler bag for everyone. Practice is a couple ours and in order to make sure I’m not spending money on unnecessary items like, water, snacks and food, I pack something for everyone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought my daughter food out and she doesn’t eat everything. Such a waste. For mom: I pack a drink and something to eat. Snack bar, soup yogurt or sandwich. For the football player: On practice days I have my son drink water, sandwiches and a couple snacks. He’s always so hungry after practice. For my daughter: I pack her a sandwich too, a couple snacks, fruit and a small drink. My goal is to limit our public restroom use EWWWW. Hope you received some great tips by taking a look in my practice cooler bag. Do you carry a cooler bag to your child’s practice and what’s in it?



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