If you know me, you know how much I enjoy my cold slushy drinks. Even during this cooler weather I still LOVE my cold slushy drinks. What better drink to have this season than a yummy slushy Pumpkin Drink? Better yet. How about a slushy Pumpkin Caramel Milkshake? I’ll take two! Maybe three… Pumpkin-Caramel-Milkshake[1]   Here’s what you’ll need to create this tasty drink. Ice cream- Pumpkin Patch and Caramel Delight 1/2 cup milk (less if you want your milkshake thicker) 1/3 tsp Vanilla Flavor Just a couple sprinkles of Ground Cinnamon   Pumpkin-Caramel-Milkshake-Ingredients[2]   Tools needed: Blender, ice cream scooper or a BIG FAT spoon 😉 In a blender add 4 scoops of pumpkin ice cream, 2 scoops of caramel delight ice cream, vanilla flavor, cinnamon and lastly milk.  Blend until creamy and smooth. Pumpkin-Caramel-Milkshake-Prep[3] Then serve this tasty deliciousness. Pumpkin-Caramel-Milkshake-Served[4]   Enjoy.  Do you enjoy cold drinks too?



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