I’ve been working to create me a little craft space for a few months now.   The thing is, I have limited space and I need it multifunctional.  The space I’m working with is shared with my salon area, decor storage and craft space. If I tell you I’ve moved things around at least 30 times…. believe me.  I finally think I have it the way I want. I think. Yesterday I hung some shelving that I’ve had for awhile.   I purchased them from a Pier 1 outlet we had in the area that has since closed. I’ve darn near used these shelves in every room of the house.  They’ve been in the living room,  dining room,  bedroom…. Now, they’re here…. image[1] I’m amazed that I hung all of them right. I I’m known for not hanging wall art properly :-/  I love the way it turned out.   Now, I have more work to do.  What projects have you done around the house lately that you’re proud of?



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