Mama Minute: Taking Advantage of Your Crockpot on Busy Days (Video)

Today I’d like to share with you something I’ve been doing for a while that has made cooking for my family a breeze on busy days. That’s using my crockpot.

When it comes to making sure my family eats a good meal, I do whatever it takes to make that happen. In order to do that, sometimes I need help in the kitchen. One of those helpers is my crockpot. On days that I have multiple things going on, I put a meal on for dinner and carry on with my day.

It’s great when you have children involved in sports and you’ll be gone most of the day. Great for Sundays when you want to get out in the yard to play in dirt, but still need dinner done. Even better you can have one meal cooking in the crockpot and another on the stove to cook up meals for a couple days.

If you’re unsure of cooking in the crockpot, there’s multiple sources of help on line…Pinterest, blogs, Google….and the list goes on. Use those tools to help get a crockpot meal on the table for your family. You can also ask your family for ideas as well as be creative and make up your own.

Of course there are some dishes I refuse to cook in the crockpot, like a whole chicken. But those I do cook in it, I cook in it. Hope you begin to use your crockpot on those busy days when you need a meal on the table with no hassle. How often do you use your crockpot?


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