While shopping at Costco the other day, I stopped to taste some Hemp seeds they had out for tasting.  I was extremely surprised by the taste.  They have a nutty texture and puts me in the mind of sunflower seeds.  They also have another taste that I still haven’t been able to pinpoint. After researching online I found out that they are a Super Food and very healthful to many health problems such as: high blood pressure, diabetes & more.  With a suggested intake of 4 tablespoons a day, I went for it. In smoothies for two hemp smoothie[1] In Oatmeal for Breakfast hemp oatmeal[2]   In Cereal for Breakfast hemp cereal[3]   In Salad For Hubby’s Lunch hemp in salad[4]   In mostly all of the dishes and drinks that I’ve added the Hemp Seeds to you can either barley taste them or they add a nutty texture.  Hopefully this bag will last us until my next Costco visit.  However, I will be going this week to pick up a bag for my grandmother and if I think they won’t last, I need to pick us up another bag too. So, have you tried Hemp Seeds? If so, have you noticed any differences in you health?



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