My husband told me of a place near his job that makes Jerk Baked Potatoes. He said he would bring me one to taste so that I can make some for home. Well, he brought me one home to taste alright. He bought himself one and let me taste it! I mastered this baby on the first try. Not complicated at all.  There’s also a video that corresponds with this recipe Jerk Chicken Baked Potato[1]. You”ll Need: Chicken Thighs ( Boiled a large bag think it was about 3lbs. However, I used half to jerk and the other half for taco meat.) Baking Potatoes Butter Nacho Cheese Sour Cream Jalapeno Peppers Tomatoes Lettuce Cilantro don’t think it was on there, but added it to ours. Garlic Chives Onion Chives First, boil up your chicken thighs. I boiled mine to speed up the process, but you can grill yours if you like. It’s all up to you. Jerk Chicken Baked Potato[2] After I boiled up my chicken I diced it up into small cubes. chicken jerk potato[3] I checked a few stores in our area for the jerk seasoning I like to use. Of course I could have whipped up some from scratch, but why? LOL Sometimes we just need to make life simple. Like I was saying there was none in my area and the local store that carried it has since closed down. I was going to the city to take care of some things and decided to check some of their local stores and found what I was looking for and a few more of their products. Some of the products I haven’t tried so I picked those up too. jerk baked potato[4] The sauce I will be using on the chicken is this one here. jerk baked potato[5]   After my chicken is cut up into bite size pieces, place it in a pot and add in the jerk sauce. Allow to simmer, turn off stove and let set while we prepare the potatoes.  If you think that the sauce may be too spicy add a bit of water to it. Next, let’s clean our potatoes.  These are baking potatoes so they’re larger than the average potato. jerk chicken potato[6]   Once the potatoes are clean, dry them off and coat them with olive oil.  Place them in the oven at 350 degrees for up to 2 hours or until they have cooked thoroughly. jerk potato[7]   Cut potatoes down the middle and you can use a fork or spoon to stir up the potato.  We want the potato to be nice and creamy on the inside.  Next add a little butter and mix it in.   Now it’s time to top with our toppings.   First the nacho cheese and sour cream. jerk potato[8]   and…. the lettuce, garlic chives, onion chives, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes…..cilantro… jerk potato[9]     Lastly, serve up the deliciousness!  And ENJOY!



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