Striped Shortbread S’mores

My son asked for ingredients for some S’mores the other day and I went out and bought the normal ingredients.  When they were all gone, my daughter requested some more.  However, this time I picked up some shortbread cookies instead of graham crackers.


Striped Shortbread Cookies


Hershey’s Chocolate

shortbread smores


We made these delicious treats in minutes and I’m now hooked on using shortbread cookies for S’mores instead of the original graham crackers.  One thing we had to do that you may not have to do depending on the size of marshmallows you buy.  We had to cut ours because they were too large.  Let’s get to these quick easy steps.


shortbread smores


First, take your marshmallows and place them on skewers and roast them on a medium heat.

shortbread smores


Next place the roasted marshmallow on the shortbread cookie, place the Hershey’s chocolate (we used 2 rectangle pieces for each s’more) on top  of marshmallow and place the last shortbread cookie on top.

shortbread smores


Lastly, enjoy these goodies with your kids, family or friends.

shortbread smores


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  1. Hey hey, here it is! I’ve been thinking about how to make these before I saw you put it on Instagram so I’m glad you shared your recipe. Very clever and super easy to make. Thanks lady!

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