This week’s meal plan is pretty simple. Everything listed we have on hand and if I don’t, I will improvise. Ha! My original reason for not meal planning was because I felt as though it put me in a box. Well, I’ve found a way to escape the box and enjoy being spontaneous while meal planning. One thing I do to make that happen is by changing a meal on Monday to Friday if I need to. Depending on the day and if there’s a meal that needs more flexibility, I’ll change it. Another way I don’t allow meal planning to put me in a box, is by improvising with leftovers if I need to. Today for dinner we had Smothered Chicken, Rice, Beans and Creamed Corn Cornbread. See below the rest of the list and watched the video below for details. Sunday: Smothered Chicken, Rice, Beans and Cornbread Monday: Tilapia, Spaghetti and Salad Tuesday: Burrito Chicken Bake, Rice and Corn Wednesday: Fish Taco Thursday: Salmon, Pasta and Salad Friday: Chipotle Chicken, Greens and Mac n Cheese Saturday: Chicken Strips an Fries



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