Things My Husband Say All The Time

We all have strange, weird, unusual, only we can say it, sayings.  Like when I was younger my mother would always say,

We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Which meant, I don’t feel like talking about that now and when we’re about to cross that bridge, I’m going to say it again.

Well, there’s a whole bunch of sayings my husband says and I don’t think he’ll ever stop saying them.  Ever!  He’s guaranteed to say one of these sayings per day if not, all in a day.

Here we go

Twos and fews

Which means this or that.

Peace and Hair grease

If you don’t take nothing else, take it easy.

Take your time going, but hurry back.

This one I despise because he says it whenever I leave the house.

Ain’t nothing slick to a can of oil.

It’s like pissing in the wind, it’s all on you.

Yes, he says that.

Chilling like a villain trying to touch the ceiling.

A whole bunch of nothing.

in response to someone asking what’s going on.

The one that tops everyone of these is said on a daily basis….

Sounds like a plan.

Does you spouse have any favorite sayings?


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