December Netflix StreamTeam Binge

I’m writing this post because I am a Netflix StreamTeam member. Opinions are my very own.

The month of December, I Netflix Binged. Indulged in some good ole movies.

Yes I did.

Not only did I binge, but my kids have been binging too. My oldest daughter is home and my youngest has hijacked the television and has made them watch every flashback movie under the sun. My youngest has paid my oldest back for every time I had to hear Shark Boy and Lava girl, Spy Kids and every other movie her and my son watched over a million times.

One thing I love about the movies my two oldest kids grew up on, is that they have been given new life with my youngest. These old movies appear as though they’ve just hit the box office in the eyes of my youngest. So, this holiday break has been filled with some oldies, but goodies in my house.

Now, I think these colder months allow me to enjoy a bit more television entertainment because I’m not outside as much. No more garden duties and some days it’s just toooo darn cold to go outside! The last movie I watched in December was, Raising Izzie. I almost… almost went into a really, really ugly cry, but I grabbed some tissue.

I’d consider Raising Izzie a sorta, kinda family movie. That’s depending on the sensitivity of the children in your family. My two oldest would handle this fine, but my youngest I was a bit concerned. She’s going through that emotional phase now, so maybe she’ll have to see this at a later date. Raising Izzie is a story of the hope of adoption after much tragedy in the life of two young girls. Not only was the adoption of these girls a blessing for them, but was also hope to a couple that weren’t able to have children.

The month of December was definitely not only a month of binging on food, but enjoying some great movies too. What’s your Netflix pick of the month?


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