I’m writing this post because I’m a member of the Netflix StreamTeam however, the opinions are my very own. What I watched This month started off with me watching the movie, October Baby. Years ago I read a book which was similar to this very topic, abortion. Based on your views on the topic of abortion, you may be swayed one way or the other.  This month was also the 43rd Anniversary of Roe vs Wade so, I also thought it was appropriate for the month. In October Baby a young lady, Hannah sets out to find her biological parents and discovers something that would totally shock you. As I said depending on your views on the topic will also be a deciding factor on if tissue will be needed. No matter what our beliefs are on the subject of abortion what we can all take away from this is how much we can find out about ourselves by being willing to take a journey in our past to benefit our future. What Jala Watched My youngest daughter Loves NETFLIX!!!! One of the reasons I enjoy it and feel a bit safe as a parent,  is because of the lack of inappropriate commercials. This month she indulged in the episodes of Alpha and Omega and has said she’s moved on to something else, but she can’t remember what that something else is…stay tuned. Watching Hubby and I just began the series, Secrets of the Bible.  The first episode was on finding the Ark of The Covenant.  With some things shared on the Ark, I’ve had to revisit the scripture, do an in depth study and I’m going to re-watch the episode again.  There was so much to digest in the research shared on finding the Ark  of the Covenant that I know reading the scriptures and watching again would help me gain more clarity. I can be a bit of a skeptic lol. So, that’s just a little of what we’ve been watching this month on Netflix.  What have you been watching this month on Netflix?



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