The past couple weeks we’ve been getting the garden ready for this coming gardening season.  In between cold and warm days, that is.  This morning hubby came up with a brilliant idea of holding on to our used k-cups. For what you ask? For the garden of course. Before switching to the Keurig we saved coffee  grounds from the coffee maker and totally didn’t think about holding on to the k-cups until now.  One thing you must make sure of when saving coffee grounds.  Allow them to dry out if you’re not using them right away.  If not, your coffee grounds will grow mold.  In the case of the k-cup, if I’m not using them right away I’ll punch a large hole in the lid. This gives it air to breathe and they’ll dry.  Otherwise,  if I’m going to use them right away… I’ll punch a hole in the lid and use it. image[1] The benefits of coffee grounds in your soil? It ammends the soil and a great cost effective fertilizer. The grounds provide phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and copper.  Sprinkle on the grounds and mix them into the soil. Last year we heard that Starbucks will give free coffee grounds. Well, we went to Starbucks to check it out. Sure enough they handed over a bag of coffee grounds.   Great for those of you that may not drink coffee.  So, if  you’ve switched from a traditional coffee maker, don’t fear! Put those used k-cups to use.



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