Come over here you piece of trash and I’ll love you.  Sunday after picking up my son from youth group, I rode by a house with some trash at the curb.  Immediately my dumpster diving eye keened in on this beauty. Don’t judge a door by it’s former life! image[1] Would you believe this has been on my vintage want list? Yes, it has and as I waited patiently I found it at someone’s curb.  Just like that.  After seeing it at the curb I went home to get my hubby because my son isn’t cool like that and he came back with me to pick it up. Now, there are so many things I can do with this, but of course I have to choose wisely. I’d love to make a dining room table out of it, but we have a dining room table already and my husband isn’t budging on selling ours. A kitchen island would blow it out the box, but our kitchen isn’t nearly large enough. While I sit over here and ponder on what to do with it, I’ll keep you in suspense until it’s done. Do you have anything on your roadside find want list?



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