Netflix Stream Team April’s Pick- Rev Run’s Renovation

I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team. The opinions in this post are my very own.

This month I watched a wide variety of movies and shows on Netflix.  I started off searching for Apocalyptic movies and began the month with, Left Behind.  After watching, Left Behind I watched a couple episodes of, Revelation Road which is another Apocalyptic style show.  However, so far there are only two episodes on Netflix and I was certainly hoping to see more after watching the first two, but that was all they had on there so far.

*Drum rolllllllllllllll*

This months Stream Team Pick!  Rev Run’s Renovation.  When this was airing on television I’d always miss it.  I did happen to catch a couple episodes, one when they renovated their daughter Mylie’s room and another that I can’t think of at the time.  Rev Run’s Renovation is my pick of the month because this was a binge show for me.  One that I curled up with some Butter Pecan ice cream and let each episode play one after the other.

A few years ago when, Run’s House was on T.V I’d watch episode after episode and repeat.  Loved the show!  I Enjoyed watching their family and any show that I can watch with my kids is a win win.  So, I was happy to find out that they had another show. If you’re anything like me and enjoy home improvement shows, you’d enjoy this.  Run and his wife Justine are in the process of renovating their home, room by room.  Not only do you get a chance to see them handle their disagreements over the different projects, but you also get to see the renovation process.I totally love the fact that they’re not buying a new home, but renovating what they have.  Although I know these project budgets are nothing to sneeze at.

What have you checked out on Netflix this month?  The weather is beginning to warm up in many areas and do you have a different appetite for a different type of movie during warmer months?  I seem to lean more toward renovation and garden renovation type shows in the summer months and romantic, chick flick type of movies during the winter.




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