So sorry to disappoint you if you came because you thought this was a ‘Pimp Yo Ride’ episode. Nope, just organizing my car. Recently my husband and I switched vehicles 🙁 He’s driving my car now and I’m driving his truck. It took me some months to get use to the idea of this being a permanent situation. So much so, that I refused to clean or organize it up until now. If you’ve been trying to organize your vehicle, but don’t know where to begin? I suggest you start by writing down things that come to mind that’s needed as you drive your car. For instance, I’m driving somewhere and while in route I need kleenex. I add that to my car organization list and continue from there. On another trip I may need a drop cloth to haul something. That’s added to my list too. Before you know it you’ll have a list of things needed to help organize your car. Check out the video below as I share how I organized the truck and hope you can find some ideas to help you organize your car or SUV.



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