This week was a good day at my neighbors curb. Was on my way to get some spray paint and spotted this along with the china cabinet on my neighbors curb who’s relocating to Atlanta. wp-image-381210643jpg.jpeg[1] The sign posted by it said FREE Furniture. I put the car in reverse and got my hubby. He got in the truck and we rolled down the street to load it up. While we’re loading the china cabinet a lady pulls up, hops out her car and tells the previous onwers of this dear furniture that she needs his help. Then she goes and stands by this pieceĀ and says that she wants it. wp-image-744707826jpg.jpeg[2]   Ummmm I ignored her rude request. Then she refrained her question and asked if I was getting this too and I replied with a resounding YES. Sadly she was 5 minutes late.



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