This week I’ve been decorating for fall throughout my home and as much as I love summer, when fall comes around I’m excited for the cooler weather. I’ve already shared with you how I decorated our Free Find Buffet for fall[1] while using the decor I already have and if you want to know how that buffet was free you gotta listen to this story[2]. Loving the traditional fall colors Next on my list was our dining room table.I started with my centerpiece because that helps me get a feel for what I’m going for when I do my tablescape.When the holidays come around it really shines light on my decor style.Lately, I’ve been all about the country farmhouse look, but when pulling out the decor I see the traditionalist in me.The traditional fall colors, oranges, reds, browns and all those other colors we see when the leaves begin to change, I can’t part from. Free for fALL Simple Centerpiece How I got this look I went with a fall swag and added a couple vintage amber pieces, a cake plate and a compote dish in the middle of it. Using some artificial fruit I filled the bowl and added some to the cake plate as well.The colors in the fruit tie in perfectly to the colors in the swag and to give them both a cohesive look I placed some of the fruit in the swag. Traditionalist and Country Screams This centerpiece definitely solidified the traditionalist that’s in me, but my buffet totally had screams of COUNTRY!That’s exactly what I love.Having pieces in my home that I enjoy and shows my style and how I love to mix the different styles together. Going with a simple centerpiece here on our dining room table helped accomplish 3 things I was going for plus 1 1.Allowing us to communicate during our meals while the centerpiece was still there.Since this is the only table we have to eat at, it gets used everyday.We eat her together as a family daily and in order to communicate without obstructions, the centerpiece would have to be low and pretty simple.Moving the centerpiece when it’s time for dinner can become annoying. 2.Giving the table a touch of beauty and pulling in the outdoor colors of fall.Now, we all like pretty and every decorating season bringing the outdoor colors indoors, is a reflection of that season.This is what I try to accomplish every season of the year. 3.Using pieces I love like those vintage dishes and showing my eclectic home decor style.No one wants to live in a home that doesn’t reflect what they enjoy.Our homes are an extension of us and reflecting that extension of me is something I try to do daily and that’s not only when it comes to home decor. Bonus:Accomplishing all 3 of these elements and not spending a dime out of pocket was also important.  Hubby and I are on a no buy and accomplishing the challenge of decorating and not spending gave me much satisfaction.Being content with what I have is an area in my life that I often struggle with. However, gratitude is a necessary step in being content.When I’m grateful for all that God has blessed me with I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and content with my blessings. Be sure to check out the corresponding video below on my Simple Centerpiece.



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