Ready to get organized this year? Here’s 3 tips to help

This is the time of year that everyone will be getting organized for the new year.Organizing their homes, life, careers and anything else that we can get in order.Organizing has been an ongoing process for me, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, I work at organizing my home. Here are 3 Tips I use when it comes to organizing and I’m sure you can add to this list. 1.Take on a home organization challenge.There are many organization challenges going on right now. The advantages of joining these challenges… You get expertise from experts that are pros when it comes to organizing their homes. You don’t have to do the hard work of planning where to begin and how. 2.Use what you have.I’m an advocate for using what you have.We often think that we have to go out and buy everything new in order to get organized, but if we begin with what we have first, we’ll save money while getting organized.After we’ve used up all of our resources then if there’s some organizational items we need we can go out and buy them. 3.Be REALISITIC.Everyone wants to be a minimalist, BUT you may not be a minimalist.You may need to create and stick to a cleaning routine in order to get your house in order.Of course we can all do some purging and changing our hoardish ways.  

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