A few years ago I began collecting punch bowls and a couple years back I shared my collection when I first started collecting.A couple days ago I took a look at my current collection, one to make sure I haven’t went a hoarding and two to see have I completed any sets.
If, I remember correctly this Anchor Hocking Star of David was the first bowl I found and the one that set this whole collection thing off.With the exception of the pedestal because I didn’t find the pedestal until months later.I also have a smaller pedestal and 12 cups. The others are in no order because I don’t remember the order 😉 Not shown is my Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Swirled Punch Bowl Set, but if you watch the video you’ll see it.(L to R) Soreno Avocado 2 Large & 1 Small Punch Bowl. Culver Punch Bowl 10 Glasses 22k Gold & Milk glass This one here with the yellow and orange flowers is so awesome for summer. Bowl to the very far right is a milk glass punch bowl with a brass base. So, as you can see that I’ve collected a few more bowls and although I often call one of the bowls my favorite, they’re all my faves.Which ever one I’m using at the time is my favorite and I enjoy using them all.What can these bowls be used for? As you see punch bowls aren’t for punch only.  



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