Kitchen Hutch Organization

With a small kitchen and not much cabinet space, I love to use furniture in my kitchen for functional organization.Using furniture instead of cabinets add a personal touch as well as allow me to express my decor style.

This hutch I’m sharing with you today, my husband and I found at the Goodwill for $39.99.

Awesome deal!Before painting it it was a dark wood.I didn’t rush to paint it because I like to live with a piece before I paint it.I’m the type that frequently changes what I like, where I like it and how I use the items in my home.So, painting furniture right away only leaves me with another project in the near future when I end up painting it again because I’m sick of the color.

My hutch is used for 3 different purposes

1.Baking Station- all of my baking items are housed in the hutch with the exception of maybe a few seasonings and that’s because those seasonings are used for other cooking needs too. Mixing bowls and of course I have to display my vintage kitchen decor.


2.Lunch prep items- many of the supplies I used to pack up everyone’s lunches are in the hutch. Such as sandwich bags, small containers, plastic silverware, cookie cutters to cut sandwiches etc.There all there in one location easy and accessible.

3.Breakfast foods-Cereals, oatmeal, grits, pancake mix, syrups etc. are kept in the hutch as well.The kids know where to look for the cereal on mornings I don’t make breakfast.

I’ve included a video below so you can take a look and see how I store all of these items in my hutch and pick up some ideas on storing some of your own kitchen supplies.Do you have designated areas in your kitchen to house your baking, lunch prep and breakfast items? If so, where do you store them?


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