Monday Mama Inspiration: Anxious?

It’s MonYAY!Hope you’re excited to begin this new week.However, I know that many of us can often experience anxiety in our lives and for some Mondays aren’t, MonYAY.Life’s trials, struggles and disappointments can be sure to leave us a bit anxious.

I’m always thankful for God’s word and this past month I’ve been experiencing some anxiety.Which led me to really lean in on God’s word and meditate on His promises.If I hadn’t, I would be a nervous wreck.Tore up from the floor up not knowing which way to go and definitely not easy to live with.Spending time in His word and in prayer restores my soul and helps me to focus on my Savior and not my problems.

In the book of Matthew it says, But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.When reading this I realized how my priorities were out of whack and I had to get them straight.My top priority is to seek God’s kingdom.Not mine, not the world’s or anyone else’s.My first concern is to Seek God’s kingdom, His rulership, sovereignty and authority and to seek His righteousness.His way of doing things, not my own.My waY is SCARY 🙁

I Hope that as you begin your week, you make seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness your top priority. That’s what kingdom women do.



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