Nesting Peeps Jello Cups


Was thinking of some cute and tasty spring treats to make the kids and thought using peeps in these jello cups would be cool.Funny thing is, Jala had never taste peeps until now.I didn’t think she’d like them, but to my surprise she loved them.However, she also loves marshmallows so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.
When thinking of an option to use so that the peeps could nest, my first thought was to use cereal or something. While looking at the store for some options I came across this edible grass. SCORE!


Multiple Flavors of Jello preferably spring colors (Make according to directions)


Whopper Mini Robin Eggs

Edible Grass


Mixing Bowl

Measuring Cup


Glasses (for jello cups)

Quick warning:This sweet dessert is a bit time consuming because you have to wait for each layer to chill.There are directions on the jello boxes to speed up the chill process.I didn’t use this technique until I added the last layer of jello so, use you own discretion.

Let’s get started:

We’re going to begin with our first layer of jello. I began with the watermelon…

After prepping the jello I used a measuring cup to measure out jello to make sure every cup had the same amount (1/2 cup in each cup).Once the jello is poured in each cup I placed it in the fridge to chill.

When the jello was completely filled I began to mix up another flavor.Be sure that once the flavor is mixed you allow it to cool before pouring it in on the previous layer because we don’t want the first layer to melt.Then, you allow this layer to chill in the fridge.


We’re going to repeat this process for every layer.The very last layer I used two boxes of jello to make sure the jello cups were full so that when I added the edible decor to the top, It will be visible.

Allow this layer to chill and let’s add the edible grass, rains eggs and peeps.

This is a good time to let the kids get involved.I had to keep my eye on Jala with the peeps.

Hope you and the kids get to make these for spring.Pin the image below to save it for later.


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