Power on Faith

Monday Mama Inspiration: Anxious?

It's MonYAY!Hope you're excited to begin this new week.However, I know that many of us can often … [Read More...]

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Tune – In to Family Life

Ways to Help Our Kids Get Through PARCC Testing

I'm not ashamed to say that school wasn't my favorite place to go Sharpened number 2 pencils in … [Read More...]

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Flip Thru To-Do List~Planner Love

What’s in My Craftsman Tote?

Have something to share with my planner lovers today. Sharing my craftsman tote that I use to tote … [Read More...]

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Scripture of the Week

"This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent." John 17:3

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3 Things We’re Saving From the Kitchen To the Garden

Today I want to share with you 3 things we’re saving from the kitchen to the garden.I know as gardeners we’re always talking about what we bring from the garden to put on the table, but there’s some items we use in our kitchen to prepare our garden for gardening season.

Monday Mama Inspiration: #EternalGoals

Good morning ladies. Hoping that you have your goals set on things eternal this week.

Growing Sweet Potato Shoots

While in the kitchen the other day, I looked down in the pot and saw an itty bitty leaf sticking out.You’d thought I found hidden treasure.

Clean Chandelier Hack

Have you ever turned on the light in your room and everything appeared dim?My first thought is to check to see if anything is wrong with lightbulbs and to my surprise I see all of the build up that has began to accrue on the chandelier crystal drops.

Hymnal Art/Hymnal Journaling

I’m sure I’m not the only one that remembers singing hymns growing up.Back then I had no appreciation nor understanding of what I was singing.However, as your relationship with the Lord grows and He brings you or of trials and test, your appreciation grows for those things you didn’t understand.

Turn’ip In The Garden

Gardening Plans 2017 #GardenTalk

Let's get our garden talk on!The weather here in the Chicagoland area has been amazing.We're … [Read More...]

Pre-Spring Garden Clean-up

The weather in Chicagoland is DELightful!!So we had a chance to get out and enjoy it by cleaning up the garden beds and I cleaned up some flower beds too.Thankfully I did do a little fall cleanup so, that made this pre-spring cleanup easier.Of course there’s still lots more work to get done, but getting ahead start gets us ahead of the game.

Sweet Potato Pie FOR DAYS!

Over the weekend we my husband harvest our sweet potatoes.With the weather changing here in the Chicagoland area we were afraid a frost would sneak up on us and ruin our crop.I’m so glad we went ahead and harvest them.Last year my grandmother gave me a call to remind us not to let a frost catch us and this year we beat her to her reminder call.

End of Summer Garden Walk- Thru and Herb Harvest

The summer is swiftly winding down and you can tell by our crops. The tomato harvest is no longer as plentiful and the cucumbers are producing their last cucumbers. We planted


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Catalog Look for Less:Pottery Barn Decor Inspiration & $3 Storage Ottoman

The DIY that I created was the ottoman. Well, actually my husband created.We had some free wood in the garage along with an ottoman top that I bought at a garage sale this summer for 3 bucks!My hubby did an amazing job on it and I stained it with some leftover stain we had from doing the kids floors. Watch the video below and let me know how well I did with taking the Pottery Barn elements and adding them to our family room.

Sunday Inspiration:Tamela Mann – Take Me To The King

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NewYork hearts mango

NewYork was excited by the smell. I quickly googled ‘can dogs eat mango?’

HTC One Max Giveaway & $50 Verizon Gift card/Closed

One of my very special readers will win a HTC One Max Smartphone with a $50 Verizon gift card! This giveaway will begin December 20th (12:00 a.m CST) and ends December 30, 2013 (12:00 am CST). Read on to find out how to enter.

Our Home Style

Show Some Love Collab

A couple weeks ago I participated in a Youtube Collaboration host by my Youtube sister Kim from Diva … [Read More...]

The Cooking Channel

The Cooking Channel

#PutYoFootInIt #PutMyFootInIt #HelpMamaCook

What’s on the Menu?

One Pot Meal-Italian Sausage, Potato & Broccoli

Who doesn't love a One Pot Meal?I absolute love them because they're quick, you get to throw … [Read More...]

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Help Mama Organize

Kitchen Hutch Organization

With a small kitchen and not much cabinet space, I love to use furniture in my kitchen for functional organization.Using furniture instead of cabinets add a personal touch as well as allow me to express my decor style.This hutch I’m sharing with you today, my husband and I found at the Goodwill for $39.99.

3 Tips To Get Organized This Year

This is the time of year that everyone will be getting organized for the new year.Organizing their homes, life, careers and anything else that we can get in order.Organizing has been an ongoing process for me, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, I work at organizing my home.

Kitchen Bookshelf Organization (Video)

Hello everyone. Today I’m sharing how I use a bookshelf in my kitchen to organize and keep my kitchen essentials accessible in my small kitchen. Hope you get ideas on how to keep your essentials accessible and stir up your creativity while you’r in the kitchen.