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Hibiscus Lemonade Recipe

With Mother's Day, holidays and the warm weather approaching, there's nothing like partaking in a refreshing drink.  Recently on one of my grocery shopping trips I picked up a pack of dried hibiscus flowers to use in the near future.  The future is now and I'm sharing this revivifying Hibiscus … [Read More...]

Netflix Stream Team April’s Pick- Rev Run’s Renovation

I'm a member of the Netflix Stream Team. The opinions in this post are my very own. This month I watched a wide variety of movies and shows on Netflix.  I started off searching for Apocalyptic movies and began the month with, Left Behind.  After watching, Left Behind I watched a couple episodes … [Read More...]

Vintage Door: Roadside Find Checked Off My Want List

Come over here you piece of trash and I'll love you.  Sunday after picking up my son from youth group, I rode by a house with some trash at the curb.  Immediately my dumpster diving eye keened in on this beauty. Don't judge a door by it's former life! Would you believe this has been on my … [Read More...]

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