The Cooking Channel: Sauteed Cabbage & Sausage Recipe (Video)

sauteed cabbage and sausage

Hungry? Here's a my cabbage recipe that I prepared yesterday for Sunday Dinner. Watch the video … [Read more...]

Jala’s Netflix Stream Team pic – February

ever after high

This post is sponsored by Netflix and I'm a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and all opinions are … [Read more...]

Planner Tassel Tutorial (Video)

diy planner tassel tutorial

  This week I was able to spend some time creating pretty things for my Filofax.  One of the … [Read more...]

But first let me take a selfie #SponsoredbyLumia #LumiaSwitch #lumiasmartmoms


This post is Sponsored by Lumia. I'm currently testing the Nokia Lumia 830.  Participating in the … [Read more...]

My most embarrassing moment (Video)

most embarrassing moment thumbnail

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The Cooking Channel: 3 Ingredient Chicken Alfredo Recipe (Video)

3 ingredient chicken alfredo

Here's a quick 3 Ingredient Dish that will be on your table in 45 minutes and only take 5 minutes to … [Read more...]

Organization Project of the Week: Kitchen Island- Pots & Pans Zone 2

ORGANIZATION project of the week kitchen island

Since I'm caught up on posting my Organization Project of the Week... I'll do a weekly posting … [Read more...]

Organization Project of the Week: Coat Closet – Zone 1

organization project of the week zone 1 coat closet

Last week while in Zone 1 cleaning in my home which consist of cleaning my front door,entry way and … [Read more...]

What’s in my Craftsman Tote (Video)

Whats in my Craftsman Tote thumbnail

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The Cooking Channel: Porkchop Skillet Dinner for Two (w/Video)

Valentine Porkchop Skillet Dinner for Two

What do you do when you have two leftover pork chops that won't fit in a pan?  You make Porkchop … [Read more...]