Hibiscus Lemonade Recipe

Hibiscus Lemonade Recipe

With Mother’s Day, holidays and the warm weather approaching, there’s nothing like partaking in a refreshing drink. Recently on one of my grocery shopping trips I picked up a pack of dried hibiscus flowers to use in the near future. The future is now and I’m sharing this revivifying Hibiscus Lemonade Recipe with you.

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Netflix Stream Team April’s Pick- Rev Run’s Renovation

netflix stream team

This months Stream Team Pick! Rev Run’s Renovation. When this was airing on television I’d always miss it. I did happen to catch a couple episodes, one when they renovated their daughter

Vintage Door: Roadside Find Checked Off My Want List


Come over here you piece of trash and I’ll love you. Sunday after picking up my son from youth group, I rode by a house with some trash at the curb. Immediately my dumpster diving eye keened in on this beauty.

Don’t judge a door by it’s former life!

From the kitchen to the garden – Cake Domes & Cloches


Don’t you just love when you can use something you already have on hand for another use? So do I, and these cake domes and cloches are coming in handy in the garden on cool days.

Garden Walk- Thru 2016 and What’s In Our Soil Mix

Spring Garden Walk Thru 2016

Today I’m sharing a tour of our spring garden. You get to see it in it’s beginning phase and how it transforms to food on our plate. My husband is also breaking down our soil mix. This soil mix has been successful for us and as we continue to grow and learn we hope to add some more amendments to our soil. Hopefully we’ll share that in the future.

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Thrifty Planner Finds & Sneak Peek of the Week

thrift planner finds sneak peek of the week

Welcome to a new week! Today I want to share with you some Thrifty Planner Finds & Sneak Peek of the Week. Hope you had a chance to begin planning out your week. Pin ItNicoleDaughter of God the Father, Wife, Mother of 3, hairstylist CEO of Splitcybernality, Inc. & designer and creator of Coco Essentials […]

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It’s a new gardening season


We had the most beautiful weather this past weekend and the week has been gorgeous too. While I was away visiting grandma’s house Sunday, hubby was putting in the work in the garden.

The Garden Channel: 2016 Gardening Goals


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Bible Journaling : And out of His mouth goeth a sharp sword


And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations

Unlikely Animal Friends and Their Symbiotic Relationships: Netflix StreamTeam

Netflix September Post

I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team and opinions are my very own. Unlikely Animal Friends My youngest daughter Jala has an extreme love for animals. Never thought the word extreme could possibly be an understatement, but when it comes to Jala and animals, she loves them. She thinks ugly animals are cute. Like […]