The Cooking Channel: Chicken & Broccoli Soup Recipe (Video Included)

Chicken & Broccoli Soup

It's still a bit chili here in the Chi-Town area and I look for any excuse to cook up a pot of soup. … [Read more...]

Help Mama Organize: How I store & organize by boots (Video)

how i store boots

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Help Mama Organize: Labeling Shoeboxes (Video)

labeling shoe boxes

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I Got Yo 10 Piece Fried Chicken (Recipe)

Fried Chicken

I absolutely love when I find a new thing that's going to help us save money, help in the kitchen … [Read more...]

Contact paper is my new BFF


Went to Walmart looking for contact paper to line some drawers or something in our … [Read more...]

Organizing Christmas Decor in a Crawlspace

Crawlspace Christmas Decor Org thumbnail

First day the kids are back to school after the holiday and I'm glad about it.  Time to get back … [Read more...]

Organizing Christmas Ornaments Using Candle Crates

Organizing Christmas Ornaments Using Candle Crates

Today I'd like to share with you how I organized and stored my Christmas ornaments. I always have … [Read more...]

Organizing Christmas Wrapping Paper & More

Organizing Christmas Wrapping and More Thumbnail

The beginning of this week I completed putting away all of the Christmas decorations.  I usually get … [Read more...]

Countdown early with the kids.New Year’s Eve Countdown with King Julien on Netflix

New Years Eve Countdown King Julien

Happy New Year's Eve!  One of the fun things about being on the Netflix Stream Team, is getting all … [Read more...]

Netflix in December was all about Christmas movies- Dear Santa…

Dear Santa

The month of December was a good time to overload on Christmas movies.  That's exactly what I did, … [Read more...]