Birders on Netflix


I'm a member of the Netflix Stream Team. This month I had the opportunity to watch a few movies on … [Read more...]

Who wants to be like the Joneses?


I'm enjoying being part of the Netflix #Streamteam and watching television series I've been missing … [Read more...]

The Big Device Reveal #VZWVoices #MOM

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 pic

Those of you that follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are already aware of the device we … [Read more...]

Blogher Mode, Purse Remorse and a Tourist In My Own City


I'm in straight Blogher mode. Between fitting in my clients, getting last minute things and making … [Read more...]

Jala’s #BarbieIsMoving Experience

Jala Barbie Photo

If your the mom of young kids or when you kids were younger, did the get the "Are we there yet?" … [Read more...]

The Children’s Place $25.00 Giftcard Giveaway


I received an invite to attend Holiday Shop Day at the Children's Place. so,today my daughter and I … [Read more...]

#KmartBTS Blogger Event

Me and other bloggers

                Last week I attended … [Read more...]

The Children’s Place Back To School Fashion

The Childrens Place BTSF

I received an invite to attend The Children's Place Back To School Fashion Event last Friday and to … [Read more...]



I think my sleep is catching up with me. The past 2 weeks have been super busy. I don't think I've … [Read more...]

Wow what a view


Just a quick view looking out from the World of Whirlpool's balcony. Located in Downtown Chicago. … [Read more...]