DIY/Crafts: Organizing my clear acrylic stamps

I’m glad I decided to tackle this project before I accumulated more stamps otherwise it would have been a huge undertaking. Since I can finally say I have a craft corner of my own that I’ve organized all of my crafting, jewelry making items and etc. in, I want to make sure it stays orderly and pretty. One thing I decided to tackle was my clear acrylic stamps.  Although I don’t have many, having them take up real estate in drawer space didn’t make much sense.

I always love to use what I’m not using or what may not be working well in one area, use elsewhere. Think it was the beginning of the year when I purchased some Martha Stewart binders from Staples and one of those binders was a mini binder that I haven’t used yet.

acrylic storage organization 2


Also, since I switched to the ARC binder I have a lot of page covers in my Franklin Covey that aren’t being put to use. This was the making of my new Acrylic Stamp Organization.

Not sure what I’ll do as my collection continues to grow because I’m not fond of the Martha Stewart binders, but If I can find them on clearance I’ll grab them because I’m into my things matching -__-.

First step was taking some cardstock and cutting it down to fit inside my sheet inserts. I cut the cardstock down to 5 1/2 X 8 1/2.

organizing my acrylic stamps 1

After I cut down all of my card stock I mounted the plastic that was stuck to my stamps with two sided tape to the cardstock.

organizing acrylic stamps 6

acrylic stamp organization8


This allows me to remove the stamp when I need too as well as, keep stamps in place when they’re inserted inside of the sheet protector.  Most of my stamps also had another sheet of plastic to protect the other side of the stamps. Like this one below and if it didn’t have another clear sheet to protect the other side, I created one with packaging from my acrylic stamps….

organizing acrylic stamps 3

Like this packaging here.  All I had to do was cut it the size of the stamp’s sheet and place it on which ever side had no plastic.

organizing acrylic stamps

Then slid the entire sheet with stamps attached inside the sheet protector.

organizing acrylic stamps 5

After I inserted all of my stamps I used a binder band that I purchased on clearance to keep everything secure.

acrylic stamp organization

And my project was complete in no time.

acrylic stamp organization

For those of you with a larger collection of course it’ll be a larger task and you may want to use large binders.  I prefer the Better Binders at Staples.  They aren’t adorable, but they’re durable.  Do you use a binder method for organizing any of your crafting essentials?


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